Gift Buddy

Client: Zalora

During the month of February 2016, ZALORA launched Gift Buddy - the world’s first retargeting router that tells men what their women want through web banners. Unlike traditional retargeting banners that only target the shoppers, this retargeting router made it possible to reroute these banners to their partners instead.


To use the service, women have to log in with their Zalora account on the Gift Buddy website and also enter their partner’s name and email address. They can then browse the Zalora website as normal and save the items that they like to their wish list. Zalora subsequently sends an email to their partner with a list of products that their significant other has been browsing and indicated that she likes.


The campaign is supported by banner ads that only the men receive, showing them the perfect gifts for their wives or girlfriends based on the women’s browsing history.

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